I saw a red fox on the way to work today.
It was DEAD. It's life had Faded away.
Lying in the mid | dle of the road.
It didn't look dead. All that was amiss, were it's BulGy eyes. The were pure WHITE. It had no pupils. . Nothing, just blank white globes, not staring at me. It looked just like a sleeping dog, lying quietly in the middle of the road.
Then along came a Big Red Bus. Along the road. It S   L    O     W      E        D down.
Just not enough.
People were waiting
at the
bus stop.    further
UP the road
The Big Red Bus couldn't wait. It S     P    E   D up.
Just enough.
The red fox exploded. Like a tube of dull red paint squeezed from the wrong end.
Leaving a red stain in t | he middle of the road.
I stared for a bit.       Then continued on my way to work. When I came back that night. The road was clean. No evidence of the red fox, or it's insides. All gone.
Nothing in the mi | ddle of the road.